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Art Auction

Have some one-of-a-kind artwork? Enter it into the silent art auction!

Entering Your Art:

  • Entry fee: $5 per item
  • Must be Tales related and SFW.
  • Items must be your own artwork.
  • Submit your work at the ConOps table in-person.
  • Your winnings will be available on Sunday at noon.

Bidding on Art:

  • Register with ConOps before bidding so we can get your contact information.
  • Minimum increase is $1.
  • Auction closes Saturday at 8:30pm.
  • If you have the winning bid, you must make your payment by 11am Sunday. If you are not present, the item is forfeit to the next higher bidder.
  • Bids are cash only!

These rules are subject to change. Final rules and instructions regarding the auction will be available at the con.

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