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Rappig Crossing Masquerade is divided into Craftsmanship, Closet Cosplay, and Skit. We will also be holding an online pet division! Please read through the rules below to determine which section best suits you. You are allowed to enter for both sewing and performance for our in person event as well as the pet division prior to con! Contestants are not required to enter both sewing and performance in order to participate.

Entries are open until prejudging! Please visit the ConOps table to enter during the con.

Entry Due Date: Sep 26, 2024

Submission Form

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All contestants must follow our cosplay and prop policies.

Contest Rules

  • Tales cosplays ONLY. No OCs.
  • All entries must fill out the online form prior to con or signup at cons ops at con. There will be no signups for Pet division at con.
  • We will email closer to con once we know what time judging will be taking place. Please be sure to show up for judging as early as possible to ensure that everyone has a chance to be judged properly.
  • No metal weapons, real firearms, or props loaded with high velocity projectiles are allowed.
  • All entrants must be registered attendees of Rappig Crossing. (Aka you must have purchased a badge)
  • Costumes or skits that have won a major award at other events are ineligible to win another award.
  • All contestants need to be in the room for the masquerade 30 minutes prior to start time for lineup and a walk-through of the masquerade.
  • If you need to change something for your entry after you have submitted this form, please email [email protected] and we’ll update it on our form.

Craftsmanship Contest Rules

  • All Tales cosplays must be from existing Tales media. Gijinka and gender-bent cosplays are allowed. BUT we need references to be able to judge them properly.
  • No purchased or commissioned costumes.
  • To enter the craftsmanship division your costume must be made by yourself or a member of your group (if you are entering the group division). If you are modeling a costume for someone, the person who made it must be present to explain their work and the person who made the costume is eligible for awards and not the model. NO purchased costumes. NO commissioned costumes.
  • Tiers:
    • Youth is for anyone under the age of 16.
    • Novice entries are required to have made and or altered at least 50% of their costume.
    • Journeyman entries are required to have made at least 65% of their costume.
    • Master entries are required to have made at least 80% of their costume.
  • Please bring reference pictures with you to judging. Yes we know a lot of the tales costumes but we don’t have all the details memorized. We also love to see WIP pictures of your process if you would like to bring any as well.
  • During judging please tell us about how you made your costume. Be sure to mention important things and techniques you did. Also let us know about the fabrics you chose, patterns used, detail work, techniques used, wig work, props, time spent on your costume, and any other important things you want us to know about. We don’t need to know your step by step process, but make sure we know all of the important things. Also please specify anything you did not make or anything you altered.

Skit/Performance Rules

  • Skits are not required to make their cosplays unless they are also entering craftsmanship. If you are only doing a skit you may use any purchased cosplay.
  • Each skit will have 3 minutes to perform during the masquerade.
  • Prerecorded audio is not required but recommended as we won’t know until closer to con what audio equipment we will have available. If you have prerecorded audio please bring it to your skit approval time to be downloaded and checked to make sure it works.
  • All skits must be pre-approved during their skit screening. This is to make sure all content is appropriate for the masquerade. You will not be judged during your screening so don’t worry about performing it perfect or having all your things with you.
  • Please no offensive language or adult content all skits must be “PG-13”.
  • Groups may not exceed 8 people.
  • No throwing items into the crowd and please clean up after yourself. Do not leave anything behind.
  • Stage combat will be allowed only if approved by the judges after a demonstration during skit approval.
  • No surprises.

Closet Cosplay Rules

  • Closet cosplay also known as the found item cosplay.
  • This is a special category where the rules are much more lax than the rest of the competition. Costumes that qualify for this category must be mostly found items (pants, coats, shirts, etc) that are altered to make your costume. (Hemming, adding paint, ribbon, tatters, grommets, studs, etc)
    EX: adding a Mieu design to a purchased tank top for Yuri’s swimsuit costume.
  • Purchased or commissioned costumes made by someone else do not qualify for this category either.
  • Costumes that qualify for this category should be mostly altered, but you can make your own pieces yourself for things you can’t find.
  • Groups are allowed for this category.
  • We encourage entrees in this group to be creative and have fun.

Craftsmanship and Skit Levels

There are 4 standard levels in masquerades: youth, novice, journeyman, and master. If you are not sure of your level, here is a point breakdown to help.

Each minor award received in the past counts as half a point (judge awards, honorable mentions). And each major award counts as a full point (placing in your level, best in show, best group).

  • Youth: under the age of 16
  • Novice: 0 – 1.5 points
  • Journeyman: 2 – 3.5 points
  • Master: 4+ points

So for example if you won 1 major award and 2 minor awards you would be a journeyman.

Sometimes judges will bump up a contestant into a higher level if they think they are ready to be moved up. If you are unsure of your level please select the level you think is right and then ask us during your judging time and we can change it if need be.

If you are entering the closet cosplay category you don’t need to worry about levels.

Please email any questions to for the masquerade to: [email protected]

Past Winners