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Where is the Panel Schedule?
You can find the online and printable schedule here.

When and where can I pickup my Badge?
Badges are available for pickup at the ConOps table (hours and map are below the schedule).
NEW: The earliest you can pick up your badge is now Thursday evening!

How do Photoshoots work?
Our scheduled photoshoots will meet near the ConOps table and then walk to the group photoshoot location. Our con photographer will organize everyone and photos will be posted to our social media later. You are more than welcome to take your own photos or organize your own photoshoot, but note they will not have our photographer.

Is there a Photo Booth?
Yes, this year we have a photo booth with a backdrop where you can take whatever photos you’d like! This is separate from the scheduled photoshoot location.

How late can I enter the Masquerade/Cosplay Contest?
You have until half-way through pre-judging to enter! You can enter online, or if you want to enter at the con please visit the ConOps table for an application.

I don’t have a VIP badge… can I still attend Casino Night?
Yes! Individual tickets to Casino Night are available for purchase at ConOps.

What dining options are nearby?
The hotel has it’s own restaurant and a small cafe. Additional fast food and other options are available on this map.

Where can I get badge ribbons made for ribbon trading?
We suggest Marco Promos or PC Nametag for 4 x 1⅝ inch ribbons.

Do you accept item donations for the Charity Raffle, Casino Night prizes, or Art Auction?
Absolutely!!! We greatly appreciate donations!

Have other questions? Ask us on Discord!