COVID-19 Policies & Safety Procedures

These policies will stay in place for now and we will review closer to the 2023 con as information is still frequently changing.

COVID-19 vaccination and boosters are HIGHLY recommended but not required to attend Rappig Crossing’s in person event.

Medical or cloth masks that fully cover both the nose and mouth are required on the convention floor at all times.

Face shields, handkerchiefs, and mesh masks are NOT acceptable substitutes for face coverings and will not be allowed in the convention area.

If due to health issues you are unable to wear a mask you must present a signed doctor’s note stating so when you pick up your badge for the weekend. Only then will you be presented with the option to wear a face shield. If you are unable to wear any sort of face covering you will unfortunately be unable to attend the event.

Children under the age of 3 years old at the time of the event will not be required to wear a mask.

To ensure the safety of our guests during our event we will be providing a limited amount of masks at our ConOps table At check in we will be doing temperature check. Hand sanitizer will be posted in both event rooms as well as ConOps. Event rooms and equipment will be sanitized between events.

Rappig Crossing reserves the right to modify these policies at any time.